Sorabol has established its own farm to provide our customers with fresh and healthy Korean vegetables that are rarely found in the region due to the climate
in southern China.


We established Sorabol farm in 2007 in Mount Luofu. Mount Luofu is located in clean mountain air 380 meters above sea level. Ancient historian Siam Quan has said “Mount Luofu is the best mountain in Young Nam and one of the ten greatest mountains in China. We cultivate authentic Korean vegetables using organic farming methods and offer them fresh to our customers in all branches of Sorabol.
Sorabol Farm has applied for Organic Certification to the Chinese Government. There are three stages of verification process. In 2011, after strict inspection and testing, Sorabol passed the second stage of organic vegetable verification process. We have already received certification for clean vegetables.
Since the opening of Sorabol farm in 2007, the Sorabol branches in Shenzhen China have offered free organic vegetable tasting. Because of limited space, we planned to terminate the program, but our customers have shown a high level of interest in organically produced vegetables, so we have decided to continue our program.